The Vision

A tidal wave of older adult homelessness is upon us creating excess age-related health care costs, premature disability, avoidable illnesses, exacerbated morbidity, and accelerated mortality (Culhane et al., 2019). Innovative and collaborative solutions on the local, state, and national levels are desperately needed to end older adult home insecurity and homelessness. Our nation needs affordable and accessible age-friendly housing integrated with social and health supports (Justice in Aging, 2021). By recognizing that housing is health care and can improve the health outcomes for older adults and people of all ages, we can generate community-first policies and models creating housing for all (Justice in Aging, 2021). 

Affordable, innovative, age-friendly, elder-centered, intergenerational, and resident sustained housing models are needed to end the emerging crisis of older adult home insecurity and prevent homelessness for all ages.

I introduce ‘ECO-Generation Park’ as an innovative housing model to address older adult home insecurity by prioritizing an eco-focused, intergenerational, learn, work and live community using multipronged collaboration to supply our nation with options that support our most vulnerable people to thrive. 



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